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6 YouTube Channels About Films You Should Check

By Martha Sigargök-Martin | Get Inspired

Feb 23

If you want to dive deeper into the world of cinema and series, there are lots of professionals who have published very useful or enjoyable books about and around this topic.

Anyway, YouTube is a great platform to learn about pretty anything and I’d like to present to you some passionate people who seized this opportunity to open their own channels based on this topic.

Most of them are well-known in the world of film fans. This list is a mix of the classics and some I’ve stumbled upon during my research.


Nerdwriter is an already YouTube star. He began to produce videos in 2011 and has now over two million subscribers.

Nerdwriter aka Evan Puschak publishes once a week on a specific topic he discusses for approximately ten minutes. He has a background in film and video production as well as in cinematography, which is very palpable when watching his videos.

Nerdwriter doesn’t only speak about films, but he has a series of videos that analyze a specific aspect of it.

In the following video, you can see how Nerdwriter describes the acting technique of Anthony Hopkins on the basis of the character he plays in the series Westworld.

Lessons from the Screenplay

I’ve discovered Lesson from the Screenplay, more than a year ago when I was looking for some explanatory videos for storytelling and screenwriting.

Michael Tucker created Lessons from the Screenplay in 2016 and has already over 700 000 subscribers. The author releases videos every couple of weeks.

He focuses his attention on the analysis of a specific aspect of a screenplay. His profound knowledge of screenwriting and his analytical, as well as creative perspective, allow him to produce instructive and captivating videos. The YouTuber not only knows how to tell a story but also masters the skills of video editing.

I chose the video below, which explains how well the antagonist character of the Joker was crafted in The Dark Knight.

Every Frame a Painting

Every Frame a Painting has been a household name in the YouTube world for quite a while. The channel was created by Taylor Ramos and Tony Zhou in 2014 and reached 1,3 million subscribers. However, the authors decided to end it in 2017. Their videos remain online.

The two creators focus on one aspect of a film as well. They also have a clever technique to describe a particularity in film, without ever being boring.

Bellow a video on the fascinating work of editors and how to find the “rhythm” of a film.

Movies I Love (and so can you)

I stumbled upon Movies I Love (and so can you) through an amazing video about storytelling.

The author describes in it very smartly how to show a story, without ever telling.

He chose Children of Men to do so, which is a SciFi gem you must watch by the way. Even if you aren’t into the genre.

Channel Criswell

Channel Criswell has over 317 000 subscribers and a completely different style. The YouTube creator doesn’t make all the comments himself but edits a video with comments of the directors, actors and film professionals he’s portraying as well.

Below a mini-documentary, he’s done of Michael Haneke’s work.

Filmmaker IQ

Filmmaker IQ is a rather informative YouTube channel.

It’s useful if you want to learn about the mechanism of the industry.

Below, an explanation of who’s who in movie credits.

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