Wicked Girl

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Dez 22
Wicked Girl, marthasfilmcorner.com

A short animated film by Ayce Kartal

Wicked Girl is a very impressive animated short film made by a Turkish filmmaker, who was artistically trained in Turkey, Australia, and the U.S.A.

A dark truth

Wicked Girl is mainly a French production and it tells the story of a little Turkish girl who narrates her life about things that she likes but also terrifying monsters she sees all the time.

As the story unfolds it gets darker and we slowly understand what it’s all about.

VILAINE FILLE | César 2019 (EN/FR) from Les Valseurs on Vimeo.

The context

Interesting to know is, that is was pretty difficult for the author to find families who were willing to allow their daughter to narrate the film. They found one that accepted at the condition, that the child never sees the final result.


Wicked Girl is breathtaking. It has been nominated for a Cesar in 2019 (the French Oscars) and has won several prices already for a reason. Watch it!


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