Webfest Berlin 2018 Selections: You’re The Pest

By Martha Sigargök-Martin | Features & Reviews

Oct 06

Webfest Berlin is an independent web series festival, that has been founded by Meredith Burkholder, four years ago. Meredith was already a media professional before starting the adventure. As she worked as a production manager for the series Mission Backup Earth, she quickly realized (watch the interview with Meredith here) that Berlin needed its own web series festival: Webfest Berlin was born.

The festival has gained the attention of the industry and been supported by many prestigious sponsors over the last four years. In her journey, Meredith Burkholder is accompanied by web series expert and screenwriter, Joel Bassaget, as well as producer and series consultant, Anne Santa Maria. Many other professionals and passionate volunteers have joined the adventure since.

The fourth session of this festival was held in September. I couldn’t attend it this time but got, thanks to Joel, a selection of web series I’d like to share with you on this blog. If you want to grasp a little of Joel’s expertise and passion, watch the interview we’ve done together.

Today I’d like to introduce you to You’re The Pest, a web series set in Queens, NYC.

You’re The Pest

Created and Written by: Taylor Coriell and Jasmine Romero

Developed by: Taylor Coriell and Chris Beier

Directed by: Adrienne Lovette

Episodes: Approximately 5 minutes

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2016

Country: USA

Performed by: Adriana DeGirolami, Taylor Coriell, Jeremy C. Fernandez, Chantal Maurice, Kevin Sebastian, Aaron Gold


You’re The Pest is a web series with short episodes of three to five minutes. It tells the story of Marissa (Adriana DeGirolami) and Alex (Taylor Coriell) who have inherited the extermination business of their fathers after those died in a skydiving accident. You read right. The plot sets the tone right away, which is humorous as you accurately guessed.

The series forte is the interaction between the two main protagonists, who are utterly different. The dynamic between an ex-beauty queen and a failed cop has to be entertaining, although the risk of depicting one cliché after the other is high. But, with fewer resources, Taylor Coriell – who play the role of Alex as well – and Jasmine Romero managed to create two believable and compelling characters.


You’re The Pest is indubitably a comedy series which mixes different humoristic elements like wordplay – the title of the series, of course, and the name of the business, A.F.F.R.I.C.O. – slapstick and sitcom.

Cinematography & Editing

The cinematography and editing style is straightforward and energetic. Just to serve the story. All episodes are underlined by a playful music reminding of the mockumentary aesthetic.


Both actresses, Adriana DeGirolami and Taylor Coriell, fit perfectly in their roles and are reason enough to give You’re The Pest a try. The supporting cast has been chosen wisely by the team as well.


If you want a short an easy laugh in between, make sure to watch You’re The Pest. It’s available on YouTube.

You’re The Pest YouTube Channel

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