Webfest Berlin 2018 Selections: Filth City

By Martha Sigargök-Martin | Features & Reviews

Sep 15

Webfest Berlin is an independent web series festival, that has been founded by Meredith Burkholder, four years ago. Meredith was already a media professional before starting the adventure. As she worked as a production manager for the series Mission Backup Earth, she quickly realized (watch the interview with Meredith here) that Berlin needed its own web series festival: Webfest Berlin was born.

The festival has gained the attention of the industry and been supported by many prestigious sponsors over the last four years. In her journey, Meredith Burkholder is accompanied by web series expert and screenwriter, Joel Bassaget, as well as producer and series consultant, Anne Santa Maria. Many other professionals and passionate volunteers have joined the adventure since.

The fourth session of this festival was held at the beginning of September and I couldn’t attend it this time but got, thanks to Joel, a selection of web series I’d like to share with you here. All of them can be watched on YouTube.

Today I’d like to introduce you to Filth City, a web series from Canada.

Filth City

Created by: Andy King

Episodes: Approximately 12 minutes

Year: 2017

Country: Canada

Performed by: Pat Thornton, Kathleen Phillips, Danny Polishchuk, Melinda Shankar, Siobhan Murphy


In the violent city of York, on the eve of elections, Mayor Tom Hogg (Pat Thornton) is caught on video smoking crack. As he meets with the kid who filmed him the night before, some cops randomly interfere and the situation goes out of control. Lots of his enemies – his political opponent (Kathleen Phillips), a cop (Danny Polishchuk), a journalist (Siobhan Murphy), a grieving girlfriend (Siobhan Murphy) – want him down, but he’s not going to give hin so easily.


Filth City isn’t a comic-book-based story and hasn’t the visual style of it – except for the amazing title sequence -, but you’ll probably have to think of Sin City anyway. The series depicts a violent, corrupted, drug-infested city and little people, trying to fight back. It’s cynical, like a film noir, but with a hint of funny situations.

Cinematography & Editing

The creators of the series set the tone, solely on account of the title sequence  (Ian Flaig). Filth City is a manifestation of tremendous creative efforts, mastered cinematography and a frightening soundtrack (Poor Paul).

Though the series is independent and free to watch on YouTube, the quality is indubitably there.

Script & Performance

Despite the classical portrayal of the protagonists and antagonists – the coward and corrupt mayor, the goofy cop – Andy King and Danny Polishchuk have been able to create vivid and believable characters and an exciting narrative. I’ve been hooked by the story within less than five minutes.

Of course, a great story with authentic dialogues, wouldn’t remain good, if the actors wouldn’t be able to do their jobs properly. In Filth City, it’s unquestionably the case. It’s a delight to watch.


You don’t need to be a crime series and film noir fan, to be absorbed by Filth City. I really wanted to continue watching. Filth City isn’t only for web series fans but also for creators. It’s an example to follow for the those who want to raise the bar.

Make sure to watch it. It’s available on YouTube.




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