Webfest Berlin 2018 Selections: Nemausus

By Martha Sigargök-Martin | Features & Reviews

Sep 09

Webfest Berlin is an independent web series festival, that has been founded by Meredith Burkholder, four years ago. Meredith was already a media professional before starting the adventure. As she worked as a production manager for the series Mission Backup Earth, she quickly realized (watch the interview with Meredith here) that Berlin needed its own web series festival: Webfest Berlin was born.

The festival has gained the attention of the industry and been supported by many prestigious sponsors over the last four years. In her journey, Meredith Burkholder is accompanied by web series expert and screenwriter, Joel Bassaget, as well as producer and series consultant, Anne Santa Maria. Many other professionals and passionate volunteers have joined the adventure since.

The fourth session of this festival was held just this weekend. I couldn’t attend it this time but got, thanks to Joel, a selection of web series I’d like to share with you within the next few weeks. All of them can be watched on YouTube.

Today I’d like to introduce you to Nemausus, a web series shot in Nîmes, in the south of France.


Directed by: Quentin Uriel

Written by: Quentin Uriel & Grégoire Aubin

Episodes: Approximately 5 minutes

Year: 2018

Country: France

Performed by: Yohan Genin, Anne-Céline Trambouze, Clément Mauger, Alexiane Torres, Jonathan Chiche, Margaux Châtelier, Thierry Mortamais


Nemausus depicts the story of Ben (Yohan Genin), 30-year-old, a shy geek passionated by history who works at the tourism office in Nîmes, France. Ben is secretly in love with one of his coworkers, Diane (Anne-Céline Trambouze), whom he can’t seem to talk to. His life is about to change radically as he runs over a strange guy (Clément Mauger), dressed in costume.


Nemausus is a hybrid between comedy, Sci-Fi, and fantasy and clearly addressed to history movies and period films fans, as well as adventure and comic fans. It masters storytelling techniques of the genre with a hint of French humor and is an homage to the historical city of Nîmes.

Cinematography & Editing

One of the first thing that strikes the audience about this web series is the level of professionalism with whom the series has been made. If you’ve ever watched a web series, you’ll know that the quality of web series productions varies tremendously. Therefore, adepts of stylish cinematography, intensive rhythm, slow motion, and solemn sound engineering will be in heaven watching these series.


Since performers can make or break a series, the director of Nemausus, Quentin Uriel, certainly made a wise decision in choosing his main actor Yohan Genin. Yohan Genin perfectly understands how to stage “the introvert” on the way to coming out of his shell.

He’s supported accurately and brilliantly by his colleagues, Anne-Céline Trambouze (Diane), Alexiane Torres (Inès) and Clément Mauger (Volesus). To be noted is, that Clément Mauger, who performs the role of Volesus, isn’t a professional actor.


Every artistic choice made for this series is a nod to geeks – which has been done so many times before – but the difference is, that the creators of Nemausus, know how to do it.

So, make sure to watch it. It’s available on YouTube and has English subtitles which can be activated as well.

Nemausus YouTube Channel

For more information on the Webfest Berlin, please click the link below:



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