Olfactory by Christopher Piazza

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Feb 15

A review by Martha Sigargök-Martin, 15.02.2018
Last November, I had the privilege of watching this gripping short film by Christopher Piazza, starring Kieran Mulcare, Alison Barton, and Molly Camp. Now, the film is entirely available on Vimeo.
The story is about Brian who develops a dependency on a memory altering device called Olfactory. The device is bound to a program that can be rewritten ad Infinitum. It uses the olfactory organ of course, which is interesting, considering it’s the allegedly strongest organ in the construction of memories. But that’s certainly not a coincidence.
As expected, the protagonist gets lost in the process.
Christopher Piazza as well as his actors, Kieren Mulcare, Alison Barton and Molly Camp, did a great job telling this story. The cinematography was amazing. Which is not evident in short films. Lots of authors have great creative or storytelling skills but have some trouble putting it into images, or they have great cinematographical skills but haven’t found an interesting story or idea yet. This is not the case in Olfactory
It was clever, well written, well played and well filmed, and definitely worth watching. If you want to see what Christoper Piazza has to say about his short and more generally about coming technologies, check this out.

Olfactory from PanopticonNYC on Vimeo.


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