LICHTER Filmfest Frankfurt International: Number of Silence Review

By Martha Sigargök-Martin | Features & Reviews

Apr 01

Sci-Fi Web Series by Csongor Dobrotka

Gems, A Finger Tipp Away

Yesterday, I watched a genre, which is widely appreciated on the internet and that I have, for some inexplicable reason, ignored until now: fictional web series.

I’m a big consumer of every kind of videos on the internet, from TED Talks to tutorials, stand-up comedy, and vlogging. In particular, vlogging is a form I enjoy, when it seems effortless and is shot beautifully.

Fictional Web Series

For those who have been living under a rock for the few past years, I am going to explain to you shortly what characterizes a web series.

A web series is a series of video episodes – Webisodes –, scripted or non-scripted, that are broadcasted on the internet.

Web series started at the beginning of the 2000s. Of course, the creation of the platforms Vimeo, Dailymotion, and YouTube made the web series more popular through the internet.

Lonelygirl15 was one of the first widely successful series. It looked like a vlog of a teenage girl, who talks about her everyday life and turned out to be a professional production with a real actress (Jessica Lee Rose).

At the end of the 2000s, web series became more and more popular. In the meantime, successful people in the film industry entered the web series business themselves.

Number of Silence, A Silent Sci-Fi Adventure

Number of Silence, a German web series, has won numerous prizes already. It’s a successful cocktail of mystery, Sci-Fi, and thriller and has a unique style of narrative. The authors show as much as possible and let their actors speak as less as possible.


The character of Nina Novak played authentically by the talented Magdalena Kaim, is the incarnation of the silent hero.

Interesting about the main characters is, that they are ambivalent. It’s difficult to know if Nina Novak, Jan Berg or Viktor Glass are good or bad, but the authors manage to pull the audience on their side.

This is a good sign for a story: When you don’t know how to evaluate the morality of the main characters, but still want them to succeed.


From a cinematographic point of view, the shots are fully mastered and accurately coordinated.

The series was intentionally shot in great quality to be shown on big screens in the theatres as well.

Director Csongor Dobrotka, who apparently admires the work of Hitchcock and Lynch, knows his genre and seems to take great pleasure in playing with the nerves of the viewer.

He honours details like a trembling wheel rolling over a cool hospital ground, a woman’s legs strolling at the airport and spiders climbing a wall in between.

The frosty perspective of the camera creates an engaging contrast with the warmth and charming streets of the German city Gießen.

I had the privilege of watching four episodes at the LICHTER Filmfest Frankfurt International and I can’t wait for the rest to be released on the internet.

Until you are able to watch it, you can follow their last news on Facebook: Number of Silence Facebook page.

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