Mar 03
Liminal Review

A Sci-Fi Short by Collin Davis & Matt Litwiller

Liminal has been released on Vimeo two weeks ago and has already been watched over 2000 times.

It's also probably due to the fact, that they've been curated by the famous platform Short of the Week.

To make a good short film with this format is a challenge, that has been clearly won by the team of this tremendous sci-fi short. Here is why.

A Film Built Around A Conversation

Liminal is very minimalistic, as the directors chose to build it around a conversation without using a lot of VFX.

The short features two scientists encountering each other on the roof of their workplace. Gwen (Anna Campbell), who conducts experiments on human teleportation seems filled with anxiety. As Tim, her optimistic co-worker (Max Lesser), ask for a reason, Gwen reveals a dire mistake that has been made during the process.

This Is What Is Special About It

The particularity of Liminal is, that almost the whole film has been made in one shot format. The result is astonishing.

First, the performances of Anna Campbell and Max Lesser are really impressive - without it, it would have been difficult for the directors to make the whole film believable. 

Secondly, they managed to find the exact camera settings - with nearly no editing -  to support the dramatical tone and maintain the fascination until the end.


Making a one-shot format is extremely challenging, but the execution of Liminal is excellent.

In addition, the fact that is was shot just before nightfall, made it even more captivating.

The result is beautiful and magnetic.

A must watch.

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