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Mar 07
Destroyer Review

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama | Country: USA | 2018

Directed by Karyn Kusama

Written by Phil Hay, Matt Manfredi

Starring: Nicole Kidman, Toby Kebbell, Tatiana Maslany 

A Visceral Cinematography Made By Kusama and Kirkwood

The mastermind behind Destroyer is Karyn Kusama, who's directed the critically acclaimed The Invitation in 2015 and surprisingly Aeon Flux in 2005.

One of the things, that unexaggerated chocked me as I watched Destroyer, was the camera work. The kind of shock a Terrence Malick's camera work can trigger.

Julia Kirkwood, Kusama's cinematographer (February, Journey From The Fall) was able to create something visually visceral despite the obvious slippery slope lying on the road of this dark story.

Whether you think it's pretentious or not. It is memorable.

Nicole Kidman's Transformation

That Nicole Kidman is a great actress is indisputable.

And that seemingly every A-list actresses and actors go through the physically and behaviourally radically transformative roles at some point in their carrier is nothing new under the sun.

Everybody is waiting for the next wait gain or drop of method acting actors like Christian Bale, or other spectacular things so that an Oscar be worth considering.

In fact, the Australian actress has done it before (in The Hours for example), but what is interesting here is to see, if the job has been done well.

I read some critics who thought it was overacting and I kind of understand why.

Her daredevil way of investigating as well as her gait is a little over the top at times, but overall just brilliant.

So, the question is...

Is Destroyer Worth Wathing?

Despite mixed reviews - Destroyer has a voting rate of 6,6 on IMDB and has been labeled as boring by some - this film has a high value.

Even if the story is classical and the end - for some - predictable, Destroyer has an undeniable fascination potential.

Also because it breaks the tabu of putting an aging female hero with real doer energy in the middle of the attention.

No elegant and good looking poses on this one, that would make such a transformation acceptable in the eyes of a practiced Hollywood audience.

The film contains clichés - the rebel detective on a vengeance path - but the cinematography of Kirkwood and Kusama, and the performance of Nicole Kidman on its own makes Destroyer absolutely worth watching.


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