Clutch Control by Nils Vleugels

By Martha Sigargök-Martin | Short Films

Sep 25

Country: Netherland | Genre: Short, Dark Comedy | 2016

Written & Directed by Nils Vleugels

Starring: Korneel Evers, Mirthe Labree & Phi Nguyen

Henry doesn’t seem to be very passionate about his job as a driving instructor. The spectator witnesses him endure passively the insulting behavior of one of his student. Until, an attractive one, who he seems to care more about, enters the car. Henry insists on being alone with her.

After a few lessons, he shows an obsessive and controlling behavior towards his beloved student. This will lead him to an unexpected turn of events…

This dark comedy convinces not only through a mastered film syntax, a great performance, and its humor but also through its twisted end. Dark and ironic.

Clutch Control from DPPLR on Vimeo.


About the Author

Hello there, I'm Martha, a tenacious optimist, multi passionated human being obsessed with improvement and breakthroughs. I'm a pain in the ass when it comes to accepting status quo and I love inspiring films and books because they go to the depth of our feelings, have the power to change perspective and sometimes to heal.