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Jun 13

Do What You Can’t

By Martha Sigargök-Martin | Get Inspired

by Max Joseph and Casey NeistatVery Inspirational Casey Neistat is a YouTuber who was one of the first person having viral videos before YouTube! Before he had his own super successful channel, he was making money with inspirational advertising videos and he even sold a series to HBO once. But Casey didn’t start this way. […]

May 05

How To Make Films Without Money

By Martha Sigargök-Martin | Get Inspired

How to make films without money,

Learn Hack from YouTuber Sheldon Evans There are no excuses for not making movies! Watch those brilliant hacks to create better pictures by YouTuber @SheldonEvans. What you need to make your first film: 1. Write a fascinating story Everything you need to know to start is in the article below: Story: Style, Structure, Substance, […]

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