Berlinale 2017: Mr. Long by Sabu

By Martha Sigargök-Martin | Festivals

Feb 19
Berlinale 2017: Mr.Long by Sabu

As a few criminals are playing cards in the back Buddhist temple in Taipei, one of them stares at them wondering about the bloodstain spreading on his shirt:

He has just been stabed by Mr. Long (Chang Chen) who doesn't waste a minute and go on slaughtering the others as well.

Soon the hitman is being handed the next assignment:

Eliminate a Yakuza boss in Japan...

Unable to return to Taipei, Mr. Long is forces to stay, homless, in Japan.

Mr. Long is a survivor and finds rapidly a way to survive. On this adventure he meets Jun, an adorable little boy wandering around (Runyin Bai).

Mr. Long has everything: Esthetic fight scenes, reminding of great Kung Fu films, as well as intimate and funny human interactions.

Director Sabu is waiting patiently to get into the heart of the audience without ever pushing at open doors.

Mr. Long is as sober and as incisive as a Haiku. It rubs salt into your wounds and gives you a treat at the same time.

A must watch!


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