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I am a semi and full professional published author – I wrote regularly for the newsletter of our parish
and became the co-author of an IT textbook on SQL edited by one of Germany‘ s leading IT publishers.

Still, I suffered writer‘ s block a lot of times, and finally I stopped writing at all. Used to solving my
problems by myself and, yes, being a man, I was reluctant to get help from another person.

So, I wasn’t really willing to work with Martha, but her energy and persistence won me over and helped
me to get writing again.

Since then, I started a new writing project, and already got 30,000 words in the first draft.

Oliver Bartosch Author („Einstieg in SQL“[„Introduction to SQL“])

I downloaded "Unleash Your Creativity" because I was looking for methods to avoid the limits that prevent me from working continuously on my goals.

The most practical and useful tip I got out of it, is to make myself accountable and take actions now.

It helped me remind myself every day to say perfection goodbye and act, even if I don't feel like doing so.

Alexandra Streck Freelancer