A Blog About Film, Series, and Creative Mindset

Why Another Blog About Film & Series?

Films and series inspire. 

Apart from being pretty, they give comfort and hope. They even help you develop your learning skills and your creativity.

It helped me ​when I had nothing to hope for.

Psychologists use it. It's called film therapy. Yep, That's a thing.

This blog is designed to entertain you, help you cope with challenges and give you a gentle kick in the butt.

If you have suggestions, here you go.

I'd be happy to hear from you.

This Is How Martha’s Film Corner Was Born

This blog was linked to a future video-on-demand-platforms, called marthasfestivalcorner.com, that should focus on the program of film festivals.

The idea behind this was to be able to watch the films, without having to attend the festival physically.

I've put this project on hold.

Important to know:

I'm a tenacious optimist but also a pain in the ass when it comes to the status quo.

My most hated sentences of all time begin with: "But everybody thinks (or does)...."
Who's this everybody anyway?! Fuck him.

I'm not a small talker, and I frankly don't care about what you had for breakfast.

What I do care about is:

  • What you want to achieve in life
  • Who you are. And not the polished brain-dead version
  • What makes you feel alive
  • Your wildest dreams and ideas
  • Or the last fantastic experience you had, the book you read, or film you've watched

By the way those are a few things I love...

  • Writing fiction
  • Understanding scientifical and complex concepts thanks to smart people who're willing to simplify them for us
  • Smelling and reading books
  • Almost everything related to science fiction
  • Progress and freedom 
  • Electronic music and metal
  • Beer. I'm French but my German friends bow to my beer consumption. I like to think of myself as a beer connoisseur
  • Running like crazy 
  • Snorkeling and chasing fish in the Mediterranean Sea
  • Almost all animals. Yes, also mice. Except for worms and cockroaches. Sorry if you're a worm or a cockroach-owner
  • When my husband calls me "The Kitchen Tank" - I'm kind of a loner in the kitchen

What qualifies me to help you with your creative blocks?

  • I've struggled for a long time, to allow myself to put things into the world, just like you do. And I found the courage to get up again many times since. So can you.
  • I'm open to pretty every creative thing, from writing fiction to building tiny houses made from papier-mâché.
  • I love breakthroughs and seeing people's eyes sparkle when they've just started to perceive their lives from a whole new perspective.
  • I'll be a life coach soon.

Need more help?

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