10 Powerful and Angry Female Characters

By Martha Sigargök-Martin | Allgemein

Jul 23
powerful female character

If you've followed the evolution of female characters in movies and series lately, you must have noticed that crucial female roles are increasing.

That also means the dominant ones.

However, in real life, it still is poorly received (by lots of men and women) to see a woman getting angry or showing her power.

Women who're able to show their anger or strength, are seen as hysterical, bitchy, selfish, and the opposite of feminine.

So today, I'd like to honor some compelling female characters that whether freak out on screen, and/or who're not afraid to stand up for themselves. 

Some of them are good, some of them are bad, but they all are demonstrating their real power.

Enjoy and be aware, that this article contains spoilers.

10. "So now I'm crazy, because I don't love you?!" - April Wheeler, Revolutionary Road

Revolutionary Road is about a couple that moves to an idyllic suburb in the 1950s. On the surface, it's a perfect illusion, but deep down, everything is falling apart.

Between Frank's unsatisfying job, and April's sacrifice of giving up her dream carreer as an actress, the young couple can't restrain their frustration anymore.

In this scene, she's pointing to her husband, how little he respects her by denying her feelings.

9. Carrie shows her power, Carrie

Carrie is a strange teenage girl with superpowers who's constantly bullied at her school.

She has a dominant and manipulative mother who makes her path to finding self-confidence even more difficult.

As things seem to turn around for the best with the teenager, some fellow students humiliate her during what could have been one of the best days of her life.

Carrie is not amused. At all.

8. "I love my new asshole!"- Lillian, Bridesmaids

Annie isn't happy with her life. She doesn't enjoy being single, and as her best friend, Lillian, seems to have found a new bestie, she loses it.

In the scene, both Annie and Lillian are showing anger. But Lillian, who's had enough of her friend's freakouts, shout one of the best lines of the movies at her back.

7. "And I work like a dog, day and night, living on coffee from a pot none of you want to touch!" - Katherine Johnson, Hidden Figures

Katherine Johnson is a smart mathematician whose services are highly needed by NASA. Unfortunately, she's unlucky enough to be black, and a woman, in the late 1950s, early 1960s.

As her boss asks her where she's been for so long, she can't hold it back anymore and gives him a talk he's not going to forget.

6. "Do You Want Me To Take Your Watch?" - Peggy Olson, Mad Men

The series Mad Men is about an advertising agency in Manhattan of the 1960s. The main character, Donald Draper, is a man. But his genius and cope of influence are more and more taken over by his former secretary, Peggy Olson, through the unfolding of the series seasons.

Peggy Olson, firstly shy, finds her voice and the courage to assert herself progressively. Her genius becomes undeniable to others, in particular to her fellow male coworkers, who tried to ignore her at first.

In this scene, Peggy shows her boss, how much power her sharpness actually gives her.

5. El kicks the Mind Flayer/Billy's ass, Stranger Things

In Stranger Things, Eleven plays a child - now a teenager - that has escaped a secret institution where she suffered experiments.

She's a telekinesist and a badass when she gets angry.

As the Mind Flayer (a mysterious shadow monster from a parallel world) possessing Billy starts to harm her friends and strangle her, El shows the creature what she's capable of.

4. Claire Underwood kills Doug, House of Cards

The ones who remember the beginning of House of Cards, know that Doug isn't a good guy.

As we kind of pitty him in between, we quickly realize that he isn't only ruthless in politics but ready to walk over dead bodies to reach his goals.

So is Claire Underwood, who'll show him who the master in that discipline.

3. "Now If Any of You Sons of Bitches, Got Anything Else To Say... Now is The Time!"- O-Ren Ishii, Kill Bill Vol.1

O-Ren Ishii is also one of those female characters you're happy aren't real - although there must be a real one out there, somewhere.

​Who remembers Kill Bill Vol. 1 (as well as Vol 2.) was surely stroke by its ultra-violence (even as a humorous reference to comics).

Her it ist. You better take her seriously.

2. "The North Remembers" - Arya Stark - Game of Thrones

Smart, fast, and ruthless to those who deserve it, Arya Stark has come a long way through the whole series.

In the following scene she realizes her long-standing dream of revenging her family.

This stands on my top ten most satisfying scenes of the fantasy series.

1. Daenerys Targaryen burns King's Landing down - Game of Thrones

A once so promising queen takes a somehow predictable but tragic turn on the series finale.

If it was the right choice or not, depends enormously on your expectation as an audience. Although it was a little unsatisfying that a woman had to become hysterical in the end.

But, one thing you can't deny that it'll make television history.

What are your favorite freakouts of female characters on screen? Please write it in the comment section below!


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