Quick Time Management Tips For Creative Minds

By Martha | Get Inspired

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You Kind of Knew This Already...

It's a cliché.

And if you've been following me for a while, you know how much I hate clichés.

But nevertheless, the clichés of the distracted creative mind - scientific and artistic - isn't completely wrong.

At least, if you have a lot on your mind, you'll probably have a tendency to be all over the place.

And that must end. Not

Right here, right now!

Like Fat Boy Slim loved to mix in his world famous drum and bass song.

Yes, I'm that old.

But at least, it should improve steadily.

The Void Of Creation

Creating seem to be sometimes time consuming and laborious, and sometimes so fast, that you wondered if you've been kissed goodnight by a muse nearby.

But what lots of creative people have to fight with are everyday tasks.

"I want to create my next "masterpiece", where should I find time to shop for groceries?"

Sounds ridiculous?

Everybody out there, that has been obesessed with creation of any kind, knows exactly what I mean.

Let's Get Real

Creative people imagine that everybody gets it, only they don't.

Actually, probably a majority of humans, think other people got it. Only they don't.

But the reality is quite different.

Even corporate people - there are also creative corporate people - don't spend their time as wisely as you imagine. 

Between pointless meetings, coffee breaks, and Netflix, people aren't as dedicated and able to prioritize as we might think.

Do you know that feeling to be as efficient and driven as The Terminator at times, and sometimes having the feeling of running after time like the white rabbit?

Courtesy of BNF Gallica, Illustration by Arthur Rakham

And sometimes you're just lazy.

You won't tell anybody because "hustle", "working hard" and "sleeping four hours" at night, seems to be a "badge of honor" many people like to claim - especially entrepreneurs (and wantrepreneurs).

But I can tell you. I belong 100 % to the part of the population that needs less sleep than average and I think, this is absolute bollocks. 

I remember, as I was working to finance school and then university, people constantly complaining about a lack of time. 

I'll just describe my day when I was catching up on graduation from high school by my own. 

My days looked like this:

Wake up at six in the morning, go to work, being back at four in the afternoon. Shop groceries, etc, and then sit at my desk until midnight or one o'clock.

Then, get up at six and do it all over again.

Back then, I had truly no time.

Managing Your Time is A Question of Priorities

And I think you knew that already. 

But, anyway, let's hear it one more time:


Whether you're overwhelmed and late at every appointment or regarding your own stuff, or you eliminate what's not important.

If you can't make a choice...

Choose One Project For A Specific Time

If you can't say "Goodbye" to any of your heart projects,

Pick one first and stick to it until you're done.

Then, you can flirt with the next one. Or better: 


Adopt the habit of finishing something. 

You can start with small things:

Believe me, I know what I'm talking about.

Even if I have a natural talent for organizing, I have to force myself to restrain the urge of following every idea that pops into my mind.

It starts even with small things like finishing your cup of tea or coffee.

For my part, I rarely finished my coffee and tea cups, or my glasses of water for years. 

There was always a sip that laid at the bottom.

I'll give you this: Drinking the coffee ground is disgusting.

But you get the point...

Easier Said Than Done

I have great compassion for this since I had myself a very ungrateful and hard training for this until I got the lesson.

If you don't want to do something just to please someone or avoid conflict, say no.

At least, as often as possible.

I now have an "easy life" compared to what I experienced from birth to a recent time, but I had to learn the brutal lessons taught by life - uhm... by people.

And one of the most valuable was to set boundaries. And the use of the "N" word more often (I profoundly hate the other "N"-word by the way - just in case you wonder)


Some nice, sensitive people will respect you like this, but you'll have to teach others how to respect you.

Because they'll push until you react.

It doesn't have to be on purpose. A majority of people have their own problems. Except for psychopaths. But even they aren't fully responsable for their lack of empathy. 

Personal accountability is an ambivalent topic though.

However, sometimes people do it on purpose. And that's a reason more for you to

set those fucking boundaries. 

Sooner than later.

Once You've Done That

Block time to finish the important stuff.

No emails, chats, social media and other time consumting stuff until you've finished what you've intended to do for the day.

Except during breaks. 

But if you've have the tendency of forgetting your intention along the way, don't go down that rabbit hole until you're finished for the day.


Be Realistic

I DESPISE this word more than anything else but be "realistic" when it comes to what you're able to achieve within a given amount of time.

Now, I'm really talking to myself 😉

Most tasks you'll plan takes twice longer as you expect. Plan it.

Otherwise, you'll fell permanently like a failure because you'll be permanently behind schedule.

And the interesting part is, that something magical actually happens as you've made friend with this concept:

You'll become faster and faster.

To Conclude

If you want more concrete stuff, I'll publish it now and then on this blog.

Until then: 


You'll notice a big, big difference.

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