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What We've Been Taught Earlier

No, I'm whether a communist nor an anarchist (I'm not sure about the latter), but sometimes I do have radical opinions about our society​.

And it seems that I'm in good company.

Lots of people struggle with their "lack of" creativity.

At least, this is what they think.

And as I have told many times in previous articles, when you have blocks somewhere it is because you have a belief you're holding on to.

Of course, you're not doing it on purpose, otherwise, you'd have overcome it a long time ago.

But what's important to know if you want to overcome your blocks, is to understand that they didn't just appear one day in your thoughts by magic.

You limiting believes came from somewhere. To be more precise from someone else.

School: The Beginning of Our Societal Behavior

In that matter, school can be a wonderful place to smash children's dreams to pieces.

Now, don't get me wrong.

I don't say that every teacher and school does that. And I still think that learning to read, count and have knowledge as broad as possible, is having a great start in life. Many people - especially women - still don't have that privilege.

Also, school is a great place to learn social behavior and how to assert oneself.

However, the reality is that school wasn't invented to produce creative and independent thinking people, but workers shaped for serving the need of the industrial society. Blue or white collar likewise.

Learned helplessness

Learned helplessness describes behavior that occurs when one person - mostly in the childhood or youth - experiences repeated stimulations that lead to the incapability of breaking out of similar situations later in life, despite the gained faculties for doing so.

A concrete example to illustrate this problem is the case of baby elephants in Circus.

The story has been told countless times - I don't even know if it's an urban legend or a metaphor invented by some wise human beings although it makes sense - but it makes it easier to understand if you're not familiar with the concept.

Elephants are tied up to a pole as babies. Once tied up, they try many times to free themselves from their ropes without having any success at it. At some point, they give up, thinking they're never going to break themselves free.

The tragic thing is, that they've assimilated this notion to such a point that they don't even try to break free as adults, despite the fact that they would have the strength to do so easily.

Regarding this psychological aspect, humans don't operate differently. That's why it's so hard to break out of a belief, that is destructive.

If you've been told at school that your abilities are predefined and limited and that creativity and imagination aren't necessary and valued, breaking from that belief is going to be hard work.

Failure Isn't An Option

Worse: You're not allowed to try new things and if you dare you better get it right.


And that's when the monkey mind - a Buddhist expression for describing a state of restlessness and confusion - takes over your life.

You'll get stuck in the analysis-paralysis Limbo for years, sometimes, tragically, for a lifetime.

What It Takes To Call Your Muse

You'll need inner peace and/or a lack of judgment, even for a short period of time.

That's easier said than done but absolutely necessary.

Inspiration will come to you in the most unexpected moments:

While showering, running, before sleeping, driving or just after you woke up.

It can also be triggered when you have a vacation or spend sometimes abroad or in places you don't know.

Reading an inspiring book or watching a mesmerizing film can also trigger your creativity.

Everything that is new, unusual, beautiful or peaceful can help you get in touch with your inner muse.

A State You Can Also Trigger Through... Meditation

Lots of people speak of meditation as a way to improve concentration but also get in touch with your inner self.

It's extremely trendy now.

Of course, it has always existed and became already trendy during the New Age movement in the 1970s but since entrepreneurs and alpha males have discovered that remedy to improve their performances, even more, there isn't any podcasts where you won't hear the word "morning routine" and/or "meditation" at some point.

Now, I've meditated for while myself but I'm far from being an expert on this and I haven't done repeatedly for over one year.

But, as I tried it on a regular basis it seemed to work, although I'm more the agitated kind of person and I prefer running.

So, if meditation isn't for you and otherwise...

You Should Excercise

Because if you think that you're just a head floating above a body that's just here to transport you from A to B: You have a problem.

You don't have to win the Olympics but even if you're lazy as fuck when it comes to sports. try to sweat just ten minutes a day. How is irrelevant.

You'll notice a great improvement in every area of your life, and every part of your body, including the one you'll suspect the less: Your brain.

Madame Routine and Mister Habit

Yes, I get it.

I also get an allergic response when I hear the word "routine" and "habits" but the fact is, that they do help, so:

Repeat things daily until it becomes a habit.

If you're want to be a writer, write.

If you want to be a filmmaker, make films,

If you want to be a musician, make music.

It's as simple as that.

Although it helps to start working before you feel inspired because otherwise, you'll rarely start something not to mention finish it.

Repeat your task as often as possible - ideally daily - and once you're serious about it, you'll probably won't even have to give a call to your inner muse as she will be sitting on your shoulders almost every time.

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Hello there, I'm Martha, a tenacious optimist, multi passionated human being obsessed with improvement and breakthroughs. I'm a pain in the ass when it comes to accepting status quo and I love inspiring films and books because they go to the depth of our feelings, have the power to change perspective and sometimes to heal.